Ultra Nourish Argan Conditioner


A conditioner enriched with Vitamin E, Papaya extract nutrients and argan oil nourishes, reduces breakage, split ends, and gives a shine to your hair. It protects and strengthens your hair and keeps the scalp healthy.

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About Moroccon Argan Oil

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argon tree. Moroccan argan oil has numerous benefits when it comes to personal daily care routines. From hair to skin, it is used for all purposes.

When it comes to hair, argan oil protects hair and nourishes it in a way no other chemical formulas can. In a world full of experiments from hair color to styling, argan prevents damages, protects from UV rays, reduces hair loss, and gives a shine to hair. Shampoo and hair mask containing Moroccan argan oil helps in improving its quality and maintaining it.

Applying chemical-containing skincare products can damage your skin while using Moroccan argan oil-containing skin care products will nourish your skin, protects from UV rays, treats acne scars, helps in skin infections, and also has anti-aging benefits.

Moroccan argan oil is like a drop full of benefits.