Everyday Use Green Tea Shampoo


This shampoo is the right choice for everyday use. It has a perfect balance of Green tea that increases hair growth, reduces hair fall and dandruff, and Keratin that makes it smooth and shiny. This shampoo gives you softness and free-flowing hair desired by you.

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About Green Tea

Green tea is generally known for its health benefits but here we are with its beauty benefits. Green Tea has benefits that enrich hair and skin products.

When a hair care product enriched with green tea is used it shows results better than any other regular products. Green tea has vitamin B, Vitamin C, and many antioxidants that increase hair growth, prevent hair fall, reduces dandruff, and helps in the regeneration of hair. Apart from all these it also helps in fighting and reducing baldness, strong roots and gives it a shine and smoothness.

Green Tea skin benefits are numerous. It helps in fighting skin redness, reduces redness, treats acne, moisturizes skin, as an anti-aging agent, and gives smoothness to the skin.