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D’samie is a commercial sub-brand of Jyoti hydrotechs and it is a result of the owners' immense love for beauty Intelligence. D’samie started its journey with the sole purpose to give a little more oomph to your beauty with our exclusive collection of hair, skin, and face intelligence products. We want to bring nature closer along with its benefits and give a little more to our beautiful community.

We believe nature’s inspiration for beauty is indefinable and so we fabricate all the products that are by-products of nature’s giving. Our products are specially designed with naturally extracted ingredients that are beneficial in more than one way such as green tea, argan oil, tulsi, milk protein, oat protein, papaya extract, and many such. Our vivid range of Intelligence products tends to make you feel confident with just a little effort.


We at D’samie believe that our community is made of each of you, who care deeply for oneself and others, and offering you intelligence product that you deserve is our responsibility and our way of paying back to society.


D’samie amied to keep people connected to nature, its benefits, and its beauty and when they see it on themselves; they should fall in love with themselves and should wear their confidence on sleeves.


Our vision consists of outreaching our targets and looking at the world full of beautiful and confident people caring for their incredible beauty.

We layout 3 B's

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We believe, beauty doesn’t have a definition but surely has power. A power that makes you feel more confident and that’s a kind of power we want you to have.


We believe in serving you with benefits in exchange for your trust you put into us.
Benefits that you can feel and see.


We believe in balancing nature’s giving and our intelligence of product to make it stand out and provide it to no one else but YOU.

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